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               Trident3chnology Corporation, well known as Trident, is a Philippine-
               based software company. Established in 2019, with an aim to give
               entrepreneurs more control over their businesses, and to make their

               lives easier thru technology.
               Our core product is the SOLUTION, and our software is secondary. We

               are specialized in tailor fit turnkey solutions in various fields of
               expertise. And by incorporating state of the art cloud based software

               technology, key users will be able to track their business operations
               on demand anywhere in the globe. By delivering quality and affordable

               products and services, Trident strives to become the bridge that
               connects businesses and technology

                  To provide high quality and affordable software development.
                  To establish and cultivate long term relationships with clients.
                  To continuously improve our services in order to achieve complete customer

                  To maintain a comfortable and friendly office space for our team to promote
                  creativity and to achieve the highest level of performance.
                  To continuously innovate in order to reach our full potential and bridge the
                  gap between business and technology.


               By the YEAR 2022, TRIDENT3CHNOLOGY will be one ofthe top companies in
               the country to develop a software that will benefit all Filipinos.

             Core values


            CREATIVITY             EXCELLENCE
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